Saturday, January 1, 2011

chocolate or vanilla flavor?

My first piece right on 'ong' date -01/01/11....lalala...the main reason i'm starting blogging:
1) to improvise my writing( mana tau ada bakat terpendam)

Certain things you may not be able to say out loud. But when you're writing, you feel much better to let out all things that you might need to say and feel. I personally feel that emotion displayed clearly through words of those good bloggers. So that's the direction  i'm going to. I will certainly share things that might benefit us (you-reader and me-blogger) and there are things that i would like keeping to myself  when it gets too personal. I'll be sharing mainly my interest, my passion on baking, my view on things that i find attractive to be talked about and yes my little steps ongoing into another phase of my life with god will...let's make it happen..

Bummy's got question to be answered:

Say you were put into this kind of situation;
You happened to crave for chocolate flavor ice cream and you know that's the only flavor of ice cream can comfort you. So you went to an ice cream vendor to get that mouthwatering chocolate ice cream. The ice cream man kept on pushing you to get the vanilla flavor ice cream because he ran out of chocolate flavor ice cream. You know deep inside your heart, you don't like vanilla flavor at all. What would you do:

a) get the vanilla flavor
b) just walkaway and try to find chocolate flavour ice cream elsewhere
c) say rightaway to that ice cream man " i want chocolate....chocolate la" and walkaway

jawab jangan tak jawab


  1. ill straight away said good!! definitely vanilla is my fav.!! go vanilla!!

    haha.. but it we switch the story, lots of choc, lack of vanilla, ill try to find other vanilla ice cream since i dont like choc ice cream. but if tkde jugak, ill belasah je..

  2. huhuhuhu....
    i dengan tegarnya akan kata ..i want chocolate ..chocolate la..mcm la i xley g ice cream vendor lain untuk chocolate ice cream,,,

    moral of the story:

    if u cannot provide what i want..why would i buy from u...and why would i spend my money on u...itu cerita di sebalik cerita..wee..