Tuesday, February 8, 2011

interview...color bertandang wat d h? and whatever..

salam...today's moods mixing all over..rase nak muntah pon ada..nway2..
early in the morning i went for a job interview..post-secret..will be revealed when only i got in..lallalalla
so yes, i woke up in the morning about 6 (which is out of my habit ever since kerja di GNC) and tdo jap then 6.15..tdo jap 6.45...then performed suboh prayer...and then too bz choosing what tudung color should i wear for that interview..shoud be some bling 2or not..tup3..da pukul 7.30am.....freaked out...took a bath..put on taut collagen mask..10 mins aft that ..put the clothes on...tup2..kul 8 am da...freaked out + nervous+ kalut...yes heading towards my triple B....start the engine and rushed off.. got stuck in the jam everywhere..and thinking wether i can make it by 8.30 am..yes..i arrived sharply at 8.30 am..but had 2 wait up untill..11 am to be interviewed..oh dear....u're making me nervous and nervous like i don't know how to describe..apparently i'm the last person to be interviewed..hehehe..the result..wait and c..all the matters discussed during the interview is p & c..yes (i tersengih sorang2)..

later after the interview..went for a lunch with one of my GNC colleague which happens to go to the same interview and 1 friend of hers which happen to be friend of mine during the interview( see how easy i make friends)..IDK wether u get this or not..hik2..
rushed back to home and i felt sleepy..so i open up my FB account and gmail..check out what's happening in my world..and zuhor sat..bam..sleep like a beauty..(perasan sendiri xpe)..and i'm waken up by MR.F caller ring tone..(which i tried to reach him multiple times earlier in the day)..bergayut sebentar and i got mad with him and just hung up..i'm so upset the way he responds to my question..
do u want to know what was the question that led to MR.F's answer and led to my anger..
i asked bout what's the theme color for the bertandang?..he said 'oh it's need to be confirmed'...well I said it's need to be confirmed quick coz my mom and sister planning to get the kain..since now on sale..you know what he said..you're impassion in high pitch kind of tone..wat d H?..i asked u nicely u answer me nicely la pok cik..
and later of the day ...which just adding salt to my wound (direct translation from menambah garam kepada luka)...my mom asked..'so have u asked MR F what's the theme color?' and i said yes...but MR F unsured...
my mom said..'oh ok then..we don't need to come for ur bertandang what so ever'..and my sister add in some more...'oh we can go to our friends' wedding..we don't need to go to ur bertandang'...wth????..basically i feel so suck..you know what i'm thinking....i'm thinking of not getting married..this marriage things so complicated with following **** adat..  y don't u make it simple....mok cik2 dan pok cik2 sekalian...and u kena siap kat sini..sana sini..sambut menantu ...here's my solution..MR F- u do the rest after this..i'm not thinking of any of these things anymore....i've lost what soever wedding moods.....to my mom and my sis-whatever!....
(yes i'm still not in the right state of mind now..because the stress these people gave me) words really flow right from my heart and mind....i'm losing the stress without caring any single thingof related wedding after this..go deal with yourself...pok cik and mok cik2 sekalian..terima kasih..

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